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How the final price is calculated Prices System

Screen Price

You need 1 screen per color printed.

Small 10cm x 10cm ¥4500

Medium 29.7cm x 42cm ¥5500

Large 32.9cm x 48.3cm ¥8000

X-Large 41cm x 52cm ¥15000

Set-up charge for sample runs A first time order of under 10pcs per design will be considered as a sample run and charged extra to cover for the cost of setting the up the job on the print press for a very small amount of shirts. This charge compensates for the downtime caused of those small orders. This charge applies as well for clients who want to see a printed sample first before they go a head on their bigger order. We are trying to make our pricing as transparent as possible.We believe ¥5000 set-up charge per design under 10pcs is a fair price to give anyone a bit more comfort regarding the outcome of their shirt. Please note that their will be no set-up charge for reorders of any qty.


Screens are kept by us for 12 month from the date your order has been printed. Within this period you can place reorders without being charged for the screens again. Once the screens have expired after 12 month but you need more shirts printed with the same artwork you have the option of getting the screens remade at a reduced rate of ¥3000/screen. Please note that the screen charge only "rents you a space on one of our screens". The screens and films remain property of Sweatshop Union.

Regarding Data

We will keep a copy of any print data provided to us by the client for no more than 3 months, please make sure you keep a backup of your print data if you require a re-print at any time.

Print steps

Print Charge

The Print charge is based on the number of inks you use in the final design. A design that uses a single colour will be less expensive than one that is utilizes the maximum 6 colours. The inks we use are plastisol inks which give the print a vibrant look and are opaque on white and dark garments. But if you want to use waterbased inks we can offer those too for a small up charge. Other specialty inks which include metallics, glow in the dark,puff etc can be added to give your design a special look. You can find more about those extras in our special request section. Additional up-charges might be applied for over the seam prints or inks that are considered special inks such as puff,glow-in-the dark,athletic gloss,metallic inks etc. Please see the special request page for those extra charges.

Print cost per shirt 1 – 50 51 – 100 101 – 150 151 – 200 201 – 300 301 – 400 401 – 500 501 – 600
1 Color ¥230 ¥200 ¥170 ¥150 ¥130 ¥120 ¥110 ¥100
2 colors ¥330 ¥280 ¥240 ¥210 ¥180 ¥170 ¥160 ¥140
3 colors ¥410 ¥350 ¥300 ¥270 ¥230 ¥220 ¥210 ¥180
4 colors ¥470 ¥410 ¥350 ¥320 ¥280 ¥370 ¥260 ¥220
5 colors ¥520 ¥460 ¥390 ¥360 ¥320 ¥310 ¥300 ¥260
6 colors ¥570 ¥510 ¥430 ¥400 ¥360 ¥350 ¥340 ¥300

On a Budget

If you are on a budget please read the following tips to help you keep the cost of your project low. Instead of having multiple print positions reduce it to one or two. That way you save money on screens and print charges. Keep the amount of print colors to a minimum. Same again you will need less screens and spent less on the print charges. Avoid color change. Each color change will cost you ¥1000/screen. Use white t-shirts as those will be the less expensive ones. Don’t use special inks such as metallics or puff as those are more expensive Just remember that those points are just meant to be a guideline for clients with a small budget. The genrall advise is not to compromise the design in order to save a few ¥.

Bring you own

Supplying your own stock? You can bring in your own stock instead of ordering it of us. In that case we will charge an additional ¥300 per t-shirt for qty. of up to 10 pcs supplied by you. For qtys of over 10 pcs the charge is ¥250.Please note that this charge is per shirt and not per print position.

Quantity 1 – 10 11 – 50 51 +
additional charge per shirt supplied by you. ¥300 ¥250 ¥150


Please note that their will be no set-up charge for reorders of any qty.

Set-Up Charge = ¥5000 + Screen + Print charge + Garment cost

Quantity 1 – 3 4 – 10 11+
1color ¥1500 ¥900 ¥230
2color ¥2000 ¥1400 ¥330
3color ¥2400 ¥1800 ¥410

Screens are kept by us for 12 month from the date your order has been printed. Please note that the screen charge only “rents you a space on one of our screens”. The screens and films remain property of Sweatshop Union.

Color change

Want the same design in a different color, how about a color change, there is a charge of ¥1000 yen per screen, plus ink charge for this service. We allow color changes for a minimum of 10 tees per color printed.

ink color change

Need something done that you don’t see on our list?

Get in touch and we’ll endevour to sort something out for you. Some of the things we often get asked about and are more than happy to add to your print run:

* Prints larger than A3 size

* Special inks: Glow-in-the-Dark, Reflective, Puff, Suede, Glitter, Gloss & others

* Environmentally friendly inks (Do not contain PVC and Phthalate Plasticisers)

* Vintage print and vintage wash

* 4 Color process

Looking for a way to print photorealistic images?

We can offer 4 color process prints as solution(works only on light colored shirts)

Charges for screens are higher.

Screen size Cost ( a set of 4 screens )
Medium ¥60,000
Large ¥80,000
X-Large ¥90,000

4 color print

Print charges for 4 color process prints Y200 per color. No volume discounts available.

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1-9-13 Kobayashi nishi
Taisho ku Osaka

Ink Menu
Nylon Ink ¥75
Polyester Ink ¥100
Glow Ink ¥300
Puff Ink ¥75
Metalic Ink(ie. gold, silver) ¥50
Glitter Ink ¥200
High Gloss(Clear Ink)★ ¥150