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Band,DJ discount

Band Discounts available. We offer a 10% discount on screen and print charges for bands who use us to print their band merchandise or tour shirts. All you need to do is add one of our link banners available here to your band website. Bring us a CD and we’ll be even nicer! We all love music and we all know that most bands only have a small budget for merchandise.
* 10% discount applies to the total invoice screen and print charges.

For many small bands,DJs the profits made from selling the merchandise is needed for touring and sharing their music with their fans. Therefore we have decided to give bands and DJs a good discount for printing their merchandise with us.

We offer this service as well to bands from abroad touring Japan.Instead of taking your  merchandise with you on the plane, just drop us an email and we will have your order ready by the time your Japan tour kicks off. This will safe you money (customs,fare,etc) and the trouble of carrying all the shirts around on the busy airports.

* Band discounts will not apply on stock that is supplied by the client.

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