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Why not try our Eco printing option. Unlike other eco t-shirt printing offers, that use waterbased inks, which can often be more hazerdous than regular plastisol inks. We have teamed up with Sericol industires, to use their PVC/ Phthalate Free plastisol ink.
There is an upcharge of ¥50 per print color for this service.

sericol screen printing ink

Sericol ink

  • does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals.
  • is free from aromatic hydrocarbons, which have an adverse effect on the enviroment.
  • is free from any volatile solvents. which is benificial for the enviroment.
  • is free from PVC containing resins.
Matsui screen printing Ink

Matsui ink

Matsui’s new 301 ECO-Series Water Based Ink System base binders, pigments and inks are comparative to traditional plastisol inks, and offera great eco option for those who are concerned about environmental impact.

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