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Printed and Woven Labels

Label type Label format Label size
Cut single ( EF ) Woven / Printed / Woven & printed Open size
Loop fold ( CF ) Woven / Printed / Woven & printed Open size
Each end fold ( BC ) Woven / Printed / Woven & printed Open size

Label Types

There are 3 main types for labels. CF labels have a center fold with straight ends. EF labels are flat with folded ends. BC labels have a center fold as well as folded ends.

woven labels ( max. 12 colors ), printed labels ( max. 6 colors )


The price depends on many different factors such as size,label material(cotton,satin,polyester,etc,printed or woven,folded just to name a few). Please mail us your label artwork and required qty so that we can give you a price. We can provide free scanned samples which we can email to you.If you need a physical sample we will charge another ¥5000.Please note that once we start sampling your label you are bound to your order.


We can get your shirts re-labeled for you with your own labels.
Please ask about prices as it depends on quantity and the number of stitches. ie. top stitch, top and side etc.

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